Plastic Free Packaging

Child smiling while siting inside Bumbleride stroller

At Bumbleride, we’ve been on a quest to reduce our environmental footprint since 2004. When we discovered our family-owned factory in Taiwan (who we still work with today), we knew instantly they were the right fit. After almost 20 years of working together, we still share the same philosophies in manufacturing; using small-batch production to keep the quality high and consistent, while only producing what we forecast to reduce excess waste. Our factory shares our environmental vision and produces very little waste themselves  by reusing or repurposing almost everything.  

It's taken extensive experimentation and creativity, but we can happily announce with our New 2022 Collection, our stroller packaging is 100% plastic free!

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Any packaging that comes in our stroller box is curbside recyclable. It is an exciting accomplishment, and a testament to the partnership we have with our factory who worked with us through the testing and research processes.

Did you know that plastic grocery bags, sandwich bags, and other soft plastics are NOT recyclable? This means that any soft plastic that you see in any form is going to the landfill. Take a second to think about all the bags you see come in the mail, we're doing our part to reduce that quantity.

Working closely with our factory provides us with more options for sourcing eco-materials while integrating durability and performance. We remain closely involved with the production process to keep quality consistent. For example if we work hard to source organic or recycled materials, but mismanage production quantity, the environmental benefit is lost.

Our eco-story continues to evolve. In 2011, we began experimenting with using recycled PET (plastic water bottles) in 50% of our fabric. as of 2020, our products are 100% rPET, PFAS free, OEKO-TEX certified main fabrics/padding, and use a solution dye process that conserves water. We source nylon upcycled from fishing nets, which now make up 25% of the plastic components on our stroller frame.

We believe in cleaner oceans, happier sea life and less virgin plastic.


How to Dispose of Items You Collect  

Paper: Recycle any clean paper white paper, lined paper, envelopes, cardboard, cartons  

(Paper towels, napkins, and paper plates are NOT recyclable) 

Glass: Recycle any glass that is not broken (bottles, etc.)   

(Broken glass is placed in the trash) 

Metal: Recycle any metal that is not too rusted (cans, foil, etc.)  

Plastic: Recycle any clean hard plastics (bottles, yogurt containers, etc.)  

(Plastic grocery bags, sandwich bags, and other soft plastics are NOT recyclable) 

Food scraps: Compost 

Hazardous waste: Electronic waste (cell phones, batteries, etc.), chemicals (household cleaners), tires you must find a hazardous waste facility near you to properly dispose. 

Landfill: All other debris